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Zvents Media Platform (ZMP)

Zvents Media Platform is a co-branded local search, entertainment, business and event platform hosted as a managed service by Zvents.

The ZMP allows you to give your users a dynamic, intuitive local search and discovery experience:

  • Customize and tailor your design to reflect your brand
  • Highlight and promote your editor's selections on featured section fronts and within search results
  • Export event listings for use in other media
  • Encourage User Contributed Content - listings, reviews and images
  • Run your own advertisements

Zvents actively aggregates local content and delivers a rich user experience

Do your users care about local entertainment, businesses, events and things to do?

Yes! Compelling local content brings users back to your website. Events are a key driver of community and user involvement

Where does all the ZMP content come from?

Zvents' Zbot! Automated agents continuously extract and aggregate event information from the most important web sources in your local market. Simple tools allow your users to upload their event content into the index.

Who can benefit from the ZMP?

Publishers and media with an online local voice - or whoever would like to have one.

How does the ZMP increase page views and revenue?

By using ZMP, you can transform your current event calendar into a local search engine with a refreshing and engaging new user experience. With an increase in visits and pageviews, you'll get more ad inventory, leading to more revenue opportunities. Publishers can generate cross-site traffic by connecting your event calendars to reviews, articles, and other editorial content. Foster user loyalty with a fun, searchable, and sharable local event calendar.

What are the operational benefits of using ZMP?

Every day, hundreds or even thousands of events are happening in every major city. Aggregating those events for your users is a difficult, expensive, and complex process. It's even harder to make event listings and event content easy for users to search and find relevant results. That's how we make it easy for you. The ZMP reduces your event acquisition costs and increases your event listings! Rather than building and maintaining your own website, choose the savvy hosted solution with much lower operational costs. It's a seamless integration with your website.

Is the ZMP easy to manage?

Absolutely! Publisher tools provide editors with greater control over event selection, filtering and presentation, including:

  • Event submission management
  • Promotion of featured events and editor's picks
  • De-duplication verification
  • A fully integrated reporting module, which gives your staff access to a range of useful traffic, visitor, content, and usage data.

How is the User Experience with the ZMP?

The ZMP is intuitive and interactive. Users can look for things to do easily with a simple "what, when, where" search query. The ZMP has easy ways for users to save, forward and organize their events.

Users can contribute their own content through reviews, comments, photos and related links.

The ZMP also features interactive maps that add value by displaying nearby parking, restaurants, and bars/clubs.

Can I link editorial content to listings, and print to web?

Yes! The 'Event Link' ties your articles and reviews to event listings - enhancing the value of listings, driving traffic to article pages, and increasing user pageviews. Reverse publishing lets editorial staff easily select, edit, sort and extract events for inclusion in print editions.

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